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December 3 - 5, 1999

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Tall Guy, The

     The Tall Guy

Jeff Goldblum is one of those actors that you love or hate. Some people think he is a little creepy, but I find him to be very refreshing and entertaining. I get tired of the matinee idols with little acting ability that clutter movie screens all around the globe. A pretty face does not mean that you can act. Denise Richards proved that in the new Bond film, The World is Not Enough.

Goldblum stars as actor Dexter King. For the past few years, Dexter has starred in a very successful two-man theater production in London. He stars opposite the popular Ron Anderson (Rowan Atkinson), but doesn't get much to do because Ron wants all the glory, fame and laughs for himself. Our hero has been reduced to "the guy with the long legs and tiny paycheck." Most of Dexter's work consists of standing around while Ron is funny. Sometimes, he gets to sit around while Ron is funny. Most people don't even know his name. To the audience, Dexter is just The Tall Guy.

Dexter is tired of the show, can't stand Ron and feels he has strayed too far from his original acting goals. He came to London to be a serious actor and a star, but suffers from loneliness and feelings of failure. After several very disappointing relationships, Dexter has given up on love, until he meets Kate Lemon (Emma Thompson).

Kate is a Nurse at the local hospital. When Dexter has to go to the Doctor, he sees Kate and instantly falls in love, but he needs an excuse to talk to her. He comes up with a hilarious scheme that I will keep concealed so you can enjoy the film.

Soon, Dexter gets an opportunity to pursue the lead role in a musical version of The Elephant Man. As his career skyrockets, can he find the true love and success he desires? Is it possible to have both?

I like Jeff Goldblum. The Tall Guy gives him an opportunity to step out of the shadows and play a likable, romantic leading man. He is a wonderfully gifted physical comedian and has great timing. His best scenes involve a fantastic montage that shows his many unsuccessful relationships. After witnessing this horror, you will understand why he has given up on finding love.

The Goldblum-Thompson pairing is surprisingly good. While he is goofy, she is a straight arrow. They make a fun couple as each brings out the best in the other, especially in the many scenes where Goldblum's character is trying to get up the nerve to ask her out on a date. Bravo to Director Mel Smith for such a funny sequence.

The man who steals the show is Rowan Atkinson. Many of you know him as Mr. Bean and his role in the film alludes to his success in the British Theater. While filming The Tall Guy during the day, Atkinson could be found in the theater during the evenings starring in The Sneeze. He seems to relish his role as the contemptible lout whose ego is bigger than the Empire State Building. Atkinson gets the movies biggest laughs as the ultimate prima donna.

The film brings together some familiar talent for those who enjoy British comedy. Smith and Atkinson worked when Atkinson joined the BBC's legendary Not The Nine O'Clock News team in 1978. In 1983, Atkinson began working with The Tall Guy screenwriter Richard Curtis on the classic BBC program, Black Adder.

This week, skip the new videos and check out The Tall Guy. It's a little risqué, but extremely funny.

Grade: B+

Director: Mel Smith

Screenwriter: Richard Curtis


Jeff Goldblum ……………. Dexter King

Rowan Atkinson …………. Ron Anderson

Emma Thompson ………… Kate Lemon

Geraldine James ………….. Carmen

Peter Kelly ……………….. Gavin

Emil Wolk ………………..  Charlie

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