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© 2014 - Paramount/MGM
"It is hard to take a movie seriously when the hero is parading around with a lion’s skull on top of his head."

© 2014 - Universal
"Unleash ScarJo!"

© 2014 - Open Road
"See my interview with the Fluffy guy himself, Gabriel Iglesias, on DC50tv.com!"

© 2013 - Tribune
"Check out my ghost adventure at The National Building Museum."

"Shirley Jones joined me on DC50tv's NewsPlus to talk about her new memoir, Joan Collins, her tumultuous marriage and her career!"

See Willie with Gerard Butler, and find out why Gerard was laughing so hard.

Jesse Eisenberg does a magic trick for Willie Waffle, and talks about his career.

Stephenie Meyer reveals her next book to me in this interview.

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis mock the Waffle name

Willie Waffle with Ice Cube

See my interview with 21 Jump Street's Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill

The Angelina Jolie Interview

© 2009 - Tribune Company
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© 2014 - Disney

Still In Theaters

© 2014 - Disney
"From the animated tale most of you did not see last year comes the animated tale most of you will not see this year."

© 2014 - SONY
"Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are doing it all wrong. You don’t make the sex tape after you become famous. You make it to become famous and marry Kanye West. Duh!!!"

© 2014 - 20th Century Fox
"Premature climaxing dampens the mood."

© 2014 - Warner Brothers
"Tammy feels like a character Will Ferrell created complete with the unjustifiable exuberance and questionable intelligence."

© 2014 - Relativity
"Wasn’t this movie better when it was called E.T.?"

© 2014 - Universal
"Reminds you of every reason why you love and hate Michael Bay."

© 2014 - Warner Brothers
"An emotionally numb movie."

© 2014 - Screen Gems
"Been there. Done that."

© 2014 - SONY
"Lucky for us, 22 Jump Street is just as funny, or maybe even funnier than the first one."

© 2014 - DreamWorks
"Can we give it a rating of PG-10 or PG-11?"

© 2014 - Warner Brothers
"Edge Of Tomorrow is a Sci-Fi Groundhog Day."

© 2014 - 20th Century Fox
"It’s fun to see engaging teens instead of brooding vampires."

© 2014 - Disney
"Take everything you know about Sleeping Beauty and chuck it in the garbage."

© 2014 - Universal
"A Million Ways to Die In The West is a good concept, but goes for juvenile and disgusting."

© 2014 - 20th Century Fox

© 2008 - C-Span
"Check out my appearance on C-Span's Washington Journal. On their page, select Windows Media Player or Flash Video to watch it."

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