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Quick Change

Selection for the Weekend of
November 10 - 12, 2000

Did you ever get sick and tired of life? The same job. The same unforgiving city. The same lack of hope for a better tomorrow. The same stupid people. Well, Bill Murray thinks he's got a plan to jump out his rut.

Murray stars as Grimm, a depressed New Yok city planner in the late 1980's. The Big Apple is better described as the big cess pool. Crime is out of control, the city's infrastructure is falling apart and the people are extremely selfish and rude (OK, some things never change). Grimm is fed up, but only can come up with one idea to improve his life.

He dresses up like a clown and robs a bank.

Can Grimm succeed? Will he be able to escape NY and start a new life?

The movie starts off with one of the best, zaniest heist scenes in movie history. The plot gets a little convoluted and Randy Quaid tends to overact, but Geena Davis and Murray hit homeruns in this quiet little gem.

Murray does a great job of finding the character's depression and anger, but uses it for comedic effect. Think of him as a charming John Wayne Gacy. Instead of his usual oddball antics, Murray steps into a "normal" role as the overwrought everyman who must try to deal with the out of control world around him. It's a nice change. He even directed, so I blame him for Quaid's overacting.

I don't want to give away too much of Geena Davis' role, so I'll just say that she plays a nice foil for Murray. Robards also is good as the police chief who understands where Grimm is coming from.

If you are looking for a little chuckle this weekend, check out Quick Change.

Grade: B

Directed by Bill Murray and Howard Franklin

Written by Howard Franklin and Jay Cronley

Based on the novel by Jay Cronley


Bill Murray ………... Grimm

Bob Elliott ……….... Bank Guard

Geena Davis ………. Phyllis

Randy Quaid ……… Loomis

Jason Robards …….. Police Chief

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