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Farce of the Penguins

Consider this to be a warning.  If you know Bob Saget as that nice guy from Full House and 1 vs. 100, and think this is yet another cute penguin movie your kids will enjoy, run out of the video store as quickly as possible.  The amount of filth in this movie may set your eyes and ears on fire.      

If you know Bob Saget from The Aristocrats, run out of the video store as quickly as possible, because Farce of the Penguins is just as filthy as you might think, but not as funny as you might hope.  The movie is more like Happy Feet produced and edited by a group of junior high school boys who happen to have a Mac outfitted with Final Cut Pro.

Saget, who also wrote and directed the movie, provides the voice of Carl – a penguin longing for true love as the males make their way across Antarctica to the penguin breeding grounds.  His best buddy, Jimmy (Lewis Black), listens to Carl’s whining all the way back, but decides he will help, even at his own detriment.  Once there, Carl and Jimmy meet up with some ladies, and the courting begins.  

Will Carl find the penguin love of his life?

Farce of the Penguins is a parody of the wildly popular March of the Penguins, complete with a narration from Samuel L. Jackson, but it’s not very funny.  Saget practically drops the story for most of the middle portion of the movie as he becomes obsessed with potty humor, dirty talk about sex and more potty humor as the penguins wander around in the snow with no direction home (just like Farce of the Penguins).  Eventually, getting through the movie without hitting eject on the DVD player is a true challenge fraught with more peril than that faced by the marching penguins.  When he gets away from the dirty stuff to make some jokes about global warming, a Happy Feet parody character and the Woody Allen-esque love story, Farce of the Penguins can be funny, but Saget is too busy trying to recall every joke he told as a 13-year old boy to develop any of it.

The film has a great cast, including a semi-reunion of Full House cast members, but I have to wonder if everyone involved got to read the script ahead of time.  At least, it is still better than Epic Movie. 

½ Waffle (Out Of 4)

Farce of the Penguins is not rated, but is full of pervasive crude sexual content and language.

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