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by Willie Waffle

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Pooh's Heffalump Movie

I have the maturity of a five-year old (and some say the brain power as well), so I guess this movie is the perfect one for me to review. Finally, my child-like wonder and comprehension abilities will come in handy.

All seems well in Hundred Acre Wood, until one magical, quiet morning is interrupted by loud, trumpeting noises coming from the forest. Piglet (voice by John Fiedler), Tigger (voice by Jim Cummings), Winnie the Pooh (voice also by Cummings) and little Roo (voice by Nikita Hopkins) all run to Rabbit (voice by Ken Sanson) looking for explanations, but they are shocked to hear what he has to say. Rabbit is convinced the noises are being made by a frightening, deadly heffalump. To protect Hundred Acre Wood, the motley, incompetent crew sets out to capture the animal, but they tell Roo to stay behind because it will be too dangerous for him.

Of course, Roo decides to show them by chasing after the heffalump all by himself, but will he be able to handle what he is about to find? Will we finally see the heffalump for the first time?

The description above makes Pooh's Heffalump Movie sound much more tense and dangerous than it really is. The movie is aimed directly at very young children, with plenty of laughs and silly antics to relieve the slightest moments of anxiety or fear, which leads to an extremely charming, light hearted and fun time at the cineplex for kids, Moms and Dads. Roo's adventure into the forest becomes a valuable lesson in tolerance, learning about those who are different than you, and making new friends. Much of this is because of Kyle Stanger, a young boy who gives one of the most amazing vocal performances I have heard in years.

Stanger provides the lovable voice of Lumpy the Heffalump - Roo's new friend who turns out to be less of an imposing ogre than Rabbit, Pooh and the gang fear. I wanted to be Lumpy's pal at the end of this movie as Stanger gives the baby Heffalump an infectious love of life, joyful laugh and wide-eyed wonderment. This kid could teach Tara Reid a thing or two about acting (Somebody please stop me from making fun of Tara Reid before she attacks me with a broken bottle of Vodka and a 5-inch stiletto. If her buddy Paris Hilton joins in by swinging those boney chicken wing arms of hers, they could put my eye out!.).

Pooh's Heffalump Movie is a simple, innocent winner with amazing vocal talent, entertaining music and an important lesson for kids.

3 Waffles (Out Of 4)

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