Back Shelf Beauties
by Willie Waffle

Never Die Alone

If you die at the movie theater while watching this film, there is a good likelihood that you will die alone. Of course, if you go to see this, you deserve whatever happens. Consider yourself warned.

DMX stars as King David - a street thug and drug dealer who has returned to his hometown committed to make right on all of the wrongs he has perpetrated throughout the years. While attempting to settle his last piece of unfinished business, David is stabbed by a young man, Mike (Michael Ealy), who has a grudge. Paul (David Arquette), a writer trying to experience the mean streets so he can put that into a story, is the only person on the scene who can help. After taking him to the hospital, Paul finds a series of audiotapes made by David, so he could pass his life story along to others.

What secret will Paul find? Do you really want to know? Did you already figure it out?

Never Die Alone is one of those dreadful movies that wants us to think it is deep and philosophical, but it's junk masquerading as art. The movie features a go nowhere plot with a twist you can figure out very easily; a story that is supposed to show King David's remorse, but doesn't come close; and DMX's failed attempt to show that he can act (he can't). Worst of all, writer James Gibson (based on the novel by David Goines) and director Ernest Dickerson fill the movie with plenty of violence and some sex, but don't develop the dialogue or put the events of David's life into an order that would make the story more compelling or the character interesting.

DMX doesn't help with his limited acting range. His narrative, which could have been moving or at least interesting, comes off like a rapper trying to talk tough, which is all he will ever be. He doesn't give the character any depth, and I could have pulled any kid off the streets to get a similar performance. DMX doesn't find anything special in the character, doesn't bring anything to the table and doesn't give us much reason to care.

½ Waffles (Out Of 4)

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