Selection for the Weekend of
April 7 - 9, 2000


Back Shelf Beauties
by Willie Waffle

     Before Sunrise

Every once in a while, my female friends remind me that I am reviewing too many "guy" films. I usually think about it for a few minutes and realize that they are right, so this week is my "female friendly film week."

The concept for Before Sunrise is very simple. Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is a twenty-something American traveling around Europe to get away from his life. While traveling the Eurorail on his last day in the continent, he ends up sitting across from a beautiful French lady, Celine (Julie Delpy). They start talking, realize they have something in common and "connect". Jesse is supposed to spend his last day in Vienna and asks Celine to join him for one wonderful day and night.

Will they find true love?

Many writers and directors become obsessed with trying to create a movie that makes a grand statement about society or changes the way we look at life. Others try to create a complex film that will enhance their reputation as an auter. Instead of getting caught in that trap, director Richard Linklater decides to create a nice date movie about two people falling in love.

It's a simple premise, but difficult to carry out. After the initial set up, Linklater and the co-writer, Kim Krizan, have to create enough dialogue that will keep the audience interested for an hour and a half, make viewers care about what happens to these characters and come up with a realistic ending after watching them grow closer.

Hawke is fantastic as the hurt American who has found the perfect woman, but knows he must leave her the next day. He has had very few fine roles, but this is one of them. Hawke is able to show some charm and a sensitive side that is not too sappy.

Delpy is everyman's dream woman. Many of my male friends have seen the movie and admit that they wish they could meet a woman like Delpy while traveling on a train or plane. She is able to mix a nice combination of strength, sweetness and vulnerability to create a character that the audience likes.

Check out Before Sunrise this weekend.

Grade: B+

Directed by Richard Linklater

Written by Richard Linklater and Kim Krizan


Julie Delpy ……………. Celine

Ethan Hawke ………….. Jesse

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