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It's back to school week on While I laugh at the young children who are forced to go back to reading, writing and arithmetic, (yes, they had the entire summer off while we had to work, but their loss of freedom is far more painful than our realization that freedom was stolen from us many years ago and can never be recaptured), I am compelled to bring you two films that will take you back to that awkward time we refer to as our childhood. Our first pick, (one part Lucas, one part Carrie) Angus, is a good enough film that will lift your spirits up at the end of a rough week.

Charlie Talbert stars as Angus, a smart, very obese high school freshman. Throughout his young life, Angus has suffered from unrequited love. You see, he worships the fair Melissa (Arianna Richards) from afar. She is the perfect girl with flowing blonde hair and baby blue eyes that he cannot find the strength and courage to approach. Alas, his love for Melissa is only eclipsed by his hate for snobby pretty boy Rick Sanford (James "STOP CALLING ME DAWSON FROM DAWSON'S CREEK!!!!" Van Der Beek), the young man who has tormented Angus for as long as both can remember.

In one cruel twist of fate, it looks like our hero Angus has a chance to escape his tortuous existence. He has been given the chance to go to a specialized, science school with other nerds and geeks. However, he has one last obstacle to face - Rick Sanford has rigged the Freshman Winter Ball balloting to elect Angus the king, and Melissa the queen.

Is this the chance Angus needs to show Melissa that he is a great guy?

There aren't too many surprises in this one. The bullies are jocks, the nerds are targets and the beautiful girl seems unattainable. However, you have a feeling something big is going to happen. George C. Scott is good as the curmudgeon who tries to teach Angus that he can succeed and the kids all fill their roles commendably. Even though it gets a little preachy at the end, rent this one if you want to root for the underdog.

Grade: B

Directed by Patrick Read Johnson

Written by Jill Gordon


Charlie Talbert ………………. Angus

Chris Owen ………………….. Troy

Kathy Bates …………………. Meg

George C. Scott ……………… Grandfather

Arianna Richards …………….. Melissa LaFever (GET IT!                                                                                             FEVER!)

Jason Van Der Beek …………. Rick Sanford

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